Testemonials about cures with OXYGEN

Well it’s Christmas and my gift is to all of humanity (At least those that read this).

About 5 years ago I went to a periodontist because the skin inside my mouth was peeling off and my gums were receding. He grafted skin from the roof of my mouth to my gums. Both painful and expensive surgery. When I asked him what caused the problem he stated “You are probably just brushing your teeth wrong” I thought… “That’s ridiculous! I know how to brush!?

After the surgery, my problem continued. I tried switching toothpaste brands and it only got worse. Then I read chapter 6 of William Campbell Douglass’s book Hydrogen Peroxide Medical Miracle entitled THROW OUT YOUR TOOTHPASTE!

I stopped using toothpaste all together and I started using 3% H2O2 and baking soda and my problem went away rapidly. My gum’s even healed and now look healthy (shiny red and glossy).

As for my other problem, I can not thank H2O2, this website and god enough!!! To save time and space on this website I have developed a site of my own.  And in answer to your question… No, I am not a medical doctor, however, my opinion of doctors and the medical community as a whole is expressed in my website.

Best Wishes For Health!
Dr. Dirlam

I had a small tumour on my tongue that had been there†for about 5 or 6 years. My dentist and I discussed removing it by dental surgery at a future appointment. Well, I had been on the oxytherapy list and the oxyplus list for while so I thought what the heck, I’d try gargling with store bought, brown bottle H2O2. I did this for about 2-3 weeks every night.

The tumor completely disappeared.

Before this time, I had been ingesting up to 25 drops of food grade H2O2 in a glass of filtered water or orange or grapefruit juice. The result: more energy. less fog and depression. more will to get things started and done. I am thinking about trying Homozon now.

Chris Zell

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Hi everyone, I have discovered Hydrogen peroxide by accident, I was researching cancer on the internet, I had testicle cancer. But my left nut was removed and my lungs are fine ten years later. Note, I am all right now.

I have had pimples all of my life, and my father and sisters have some pimples, but my pimples where big and constant throughout my face and back. I have seen doctors and doctors, I have done diabetic tests and you name it, I got my face ripped open, and pimple injected, I even tried Acutaine, Nothing worked and frankly the more doctors and antibiotic I seen the worse I got.

  1. After bathing and drinking Hydrogen peroxide I am crystal clear for the first time in my whole life. I drank 5 drops of 35% mixed in one once of tap water, three times a day, then as I got used to it I would increase the dosage by a drop or two more until I was up to 25 drops of 35% mixed in one full glass of tap water, three times a day. This took 3 months, to get up to this level. And it wasn’t fun either, I can’t explain it because it really doesn’t have a flavour but it would be like taking medicine as a child my whole body just hated the stuff for about ten seconds after drinking it.

So after two more months my skin was clear on my face, I slowly decreased the dosage until I was down to 8 drops a day. I just mix 8 drops of 35% in one 2 litre jug of cool-aid and drink it daily. As I didn’t have a book, I just watched my body closely and did what felt right. My face is crystal clear for the first time in my life. And it has remained that way for over a year.

During this time I would also take a bath once a month in H2O2 as I would mix one half a litre of 35% into my bath water.

Note: I wasn’t drinking food grade H2O2 either…just the stuff they use to add to pools, or clean stuff with. I only learned about the food grade stuff afterwards.

Tip, I was determine to end my life of pimples, and I did it. But it is very scary to do it when all your life you just followed the doctors orders. And when I think about it, many doctors told me not to smoke, drink. Yet, it is common practice to smoke and drink for some people. I find it weird that the government lets kids smoke when we know that will make us sick. I was hooked on smoking since a kid. And nothing is being said about H2O2!

I was alone when I started using H2O2, this without the knowledge that should be common knowledge for all.

This is the truth. I swear it.

Doug Cook

My Testimonial is fairly brief, but sufficient as to the use of Oxygen supplements and their effectiveness.

In November 1998, I got into a “Health Kick” and starting looking into the wide array of Health Products available. I’m kind of a computer guy, and began searching the web.

The simplicity of Oxygen and the wide uses and benefits of it intellectually stimulated me. I ordered a bottle of stabilized liquid oxygen and began taking it. I had only been taking it for a few days when I noticed a heavy and thick “white goop” from one of my eyes when I woke up one morning and saw that one of my eyes was more red than the other. My wife even commented on it about 6pm that evening. My Mother is a registered nurse, so I called her and described the symptoms to her and she said, “It sounds like Pink Eye or Conjunctivitis. You had better get to a clinic and get on some antibiotics quick since it is very contagious and can get uncomfortable in a hurry.” It was the day before Thanks Giving and the closest clinic closed 10 minutes before we got there. I explained to my wife that although it was red, it wasn’t bothering me. I remembered that I had started taking the stabilized liquid oxygen product and was just about at “Full Strength”, gradually building up to 10 drops 3Xday over a period of time. The next day was Thanks Giving day and every clinic was closed for the holiday. When we got to Mom and Dad’s house for dinner, she confirmed that it was “Pink Eye or Conjunctivitis” and was amazed that my eye wasn’t itching AT ALL! With 30 years as a Registered Nurse, I’m quite comfortable with her diagnosis. I told her that I was taking an Oxygen supplement and that it kills bacteria in your body the way H2O2 does on a cut or scratch. All our lives as children she preached it’s effectiveness when used topically. Using it orally was foreign to her, but the proof was in my eye. I continued taking the stabilized liquid oxygen supplement and 2 days after Thanks Giving it was completely gone. The “Pink Eye” never got uncomfortable or itchy for me, not at all, because of the Oxygen Supplement.

If the Holiday wouldn’t have fallen the way it did, at the time it did, I would have ended up taking a prescription antibiotic to get rid of it, but I’m glad I got an early taste of how effective Oxygen can be in fighting illness first hand.

I still can’t believe that this kind of information has been kept from the public for as long as it has. Thank God for Oxygen and it’s early Pioneers of study! Thank God for the Internet and it’s Freedom of Speech!….still

E. Balthrop

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The gum around my wisdom tooth had been giving me problems since my wisdom tooth started to come out. The gum became infected and I was in agonizing pain, particularly when eating. It was a bad sight. I went to my dentist and the first thing he said was that I would have to have the tooth removed. He told me the gum had been badly infected because food had lodged itself in between the tooth and the gum and had become infected. He said I had no alternative but to have an operation. I went to another dentist for a second opinion and he told me the same thing, gave me a bunch of painkillers and set-up an appointment for an operation to remove my tooth.

I came home and thought for a second: the tooth caused the gum infection but it wasn’t the tooth that was giving me the pain. It was the gum. So why would the dentist want to remove my tooth? It just didn’t make sense. With diluted food-grade hydrogen peroxide placed on a small gauze I applied it to the infected sore periodically, and kept the gauze on it while sleeping. Within two days it had completely cleared up. I just saved my wisdom tooth and a huge bill – I guess you can say I made a “wise” choice. The infection has completely gone with no pain at all, all thanks to H202!!!

Ronnie Shroff

I use a nasal pump to spray H2O2 directly down my throat. I spray as I inhale. With each inhale I spray. This I do 4 or 5 times. As the day goes by I repeat 4 or 5 times.

I was 69 years old when I started this. I can now breath freely. No more headaches, No plugged nose, no more aching mussels. no sore gums (false teeth) Eat less food (food digest better) less desire for candy. Memory improved. More alert. Just feel good.

Many people I know use this method. Pacemaker. Spray in the morning and at night. No coughing. Kidney dialyses friend. Breathing better and no aching mussels.

Try it I don’t know what it will do for you but it will not harm you.

I have found Hydrogen Peroxide 8% Works very well in the garden. When planting potatoes I dig a hole about 4 inches deep put a little fertilizer in the bottom then a little dirt and set the potato eye side up spray it till wet fill the hole. No need to spray the plants when the nature. They will have a few bugs eat a few holes in the leaves but then die and drop off. Bugs do not like healthy plants.

Spraying on most plants and vines will work. I find Peroxide will not work on cabbage plants.

Bill Munro

For the past 3 years I have been using H2O2 orally.

I started using it on my sheep to see if it really worked and after a few months they looked so good that I decided to try it on myself.

My whole right side has been broken or damaged (knee, ankle, shoulder, foot) and I had so much pain and discomfort that I could not sleep on my right side . After a few months on H2O2 I had no pain and could sleep any way I wanted, and all night long in a sound sleep. I also can see better, think better, and can do things I haven’t been able to do in years. My cardiovascular system has improved, and I just feel younger than my age(63).

I am a believer in H2O2. The last time we took lambs in to be processed the Inspector said that they were the cleanest lambs he had seen. The meat was tender and juicy. We use no other chemicals on our sheep and they are healthy and worm free.
George Katein

Testimonial: I am a 50 year old lady who is blue-eyed and blonde. For years I have had problems with my sensitive skin and eyes. Doctors couldn’t tell me what was causing my chronic conjunctivitis. It was not bacterial in origin, but was actually caused by rosacea, a common condition among fair skinned people. I’m not sure about the mechanisms of Rosacea, but I suspect it is due to sun damage. There may be a common mite involved in the process. At any rate, I noticed when I was younger and lightened my hair considerably that the inflammation would abate temporarily. So I kept my hair very light. I couldn’t understand this phenomenon, but was glad something helped. I stopped lightening my hair last year and my Rosacea really flared up. My hair is getting very thin and I thought it was due to the damaging effects of the peroxide. I decided to put the peroxide directly on my skin and use 40 volume peroxide available at beauty supply stores. The results were not as good as ruining my hair, but were considerably better than nothing! I noticed my fingernails strengthening, so I use it on my nails for fungal and bacterial overgrowth. It’s just great stuff!

I was concerned about harmful side effects and that’s how I found this web site. Hydrogen Peroxide is a good treatment for acne and rosacea and I would like to continue to put it on my scalp but I’m not sure if it is damaging my scalp and causing hair loss. My doctor says I have androgenic alopecia causing my hair loss.

Suzanne Clark

Around 15 years ago I use to suffer from genital herpes. I use to have breakouts approximately 80% of the time. It was literally ruining my sex and social life. I started taking H2O2 35% food grade in high quantities with distilled water and my problem is history!  I’m willing to discuss my situation with anyone and will always be glad to help anyone that needs it.

Best regards in ultimate health,

Raymond Massry

In 1989 I took a trip to France & England. I returned home with what I thought was a virus. If I ate meat at night then I would wake up every night every hour. I went to several doctors had many tests, tried a Naturopath, but with no success. Then I read the book by Ed McCabe & I decided to try Peroxide.

Before long I was sleeping again, but there were side affects – all good.

I had seen a doctor about my knee – he was going to operate on it. The symptoms disappeared. I was getting cramps in my legs – this is now rare or at least 90% better. I had started to get symptoms of prostate problems the blockage has almost gone.

I started cautiously about three years ago & I’m very happy with the side affects.

If H2O is water Then would it be correct to say that H2 O2 is water with more oxygen. Sounds better than Hydrogen Peroxide

William Cox

To find out more read this e-book.

All my life I have had frequent throat infections. In my twenties, it seemed I had one every month, for which I would take antibiotics.

My GP referred me to a specialist, who gave me weekly vaccinations for a year. My infections became much less frequent, but more intense and harder to cure. I had to take larger doses of antibiotics for a longer period of time.

In a health newsletter I subscribe to, I learned about hydrogen peroxide and bought Dr. William Campbell Douglass’ amazing book, “Hydrogen Peroxide, Medical Miracle.” The book is mostly about intravenous H2O2, and if I hadn’t been reading carefully, I would have missed the one sentence about using it in a vaporizer for respiratory infections.

I tried it. I used the common 3% variety in the brown bottle that you buy at the supermarket. I diluted it 8 to 1 and put it in a cool mist vaporizer. I used a cool mist because some people think the effectiveness of H2O2 is decreased by boiling, but I also use it in a mini-vaporizer I bought at the health food store, which boils it, and that works, too. Anyway, I don’t have the concern about fungus and bacteria growing in the cool-mist vaporizer, because the H2O2 takes care of that! It does corrode the nebulizer, though, so I make sure to empty the liquid after I’m finished.

Results: I have not been back to the doctor for antibiotics since I started using this method. I estimate I have probably had 20 or more infections and every one of them has gone away with this method. If I catch it later than usual, I also gargle with h202, one part water to one part H2O2. It always works for me. Needless to say, I am ecstatic.

Everyone else I have shared my story with who decided to try it for themselves has also had success–some with viruses like colds and respiratory flu.

Joanna Payne

I have been asthmatic, all my life and I was using two different inhaler’s. Plus I had a Heart attack in 1996, have blockage on back side of heart of 75%. Then I heard about Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy. Now I take 20 drops of hydrogen peroxide in a glass of 4oz of water, three time’s a day. Am 55 year’s old and I am feeling better, and I no longer use my inhaler’s. Just the money it saves me is unreal in buying inhaler’s, compared to a dollar for hydrogen peroxide.

Thank You

P. Akers

In October 1996 I was diagnosed with a bacterial lung infection, atypical mycobacterium disease, also known as Lady Windemere disease. This diagnosis came after almost six months of x-rays, misdiagnosis as TB and various other tests. I was told by four doctors, all specialists, there was no known cure, only an operation to cut out that part of my lung. The organism was only slightly sensitive to the antibiotic “Biaxin”. The only other option was intravenous drugs which had grave side affects and was not a 100% cure.

The company I worked for was closing the end of December 96 so I decided to put off the operation until then. In December I learned of Oxygen therapy, bought books and began to read up on it. In January 97 I began taking a flavoured solution of magnesium/ hydrogen peroxide formula. I was taking 6 ounces per day of this formula which amounted to 120 drops per day of 35% HP. I only took this much because I was desperate. Never did I have any negative reaction to the HP. After three weeks on this formula the infection was greatly reduced. After two months the infection was gone. My last X-ray (June 97) only showed one very small spot which the doctor thinks is a scar. I told my ‘medical’ doctor about this, and her only comment was “if it’s not hurting you, go ahead”.

I did the oxygen therapy on my own, with the help of several books and various literature. I also simultaneously made other changes in my lifestyle. I am 52 years old, started taking a good regimen of vitamins and minerals, exercise 4 or more times per week, cut my fat intake to almost zero, and have never felt better. I am still taking the HP of 3 ounces per day, or 75 drops.

It is hard to believe something so simple could cure a disease which was suppose to be incurable. I am totally convinced the hydrogen peroxide cured me.

There’s a lot more to this story but I tried to shorten it for the sake of my readers. Just don’t be afraid to take control of your own health, at the same time be very cautious how you use the HP.

Betty Harrison

Last year I was diagnosed with Cerebral Vascular Disease, (80% blocked on both carotid arteries). I turned down surgery and started EDTA Chelation IV Therapy last May. Since then I’ve had 36 treatments.

In January 1997 I started having TIA’s, (I’d lose all the vision in my left eye for about 15 minutes each time). I’ve had 10 TIA’s since then. I started taking 325mg of aspirin per day and sought more alternatives.

On March 4, 1997 I started receiving H2O2 IV’s. To date I’ve had 7 treatments of .03%. The first few days showed little results, but now life seems to be back in my system again.

My congestion is gone and I can spring out of bed once again. I’, able to make it through the day with vigour and without the need for a nap. I’m so impressed I ordered H2O2 to drink with distilled water for maintenance.

I look forward to hearing from anyone with any information about their experiences with H2O2.

This is an update a few months later..

I’ve completed fourteen IV’s of H2O2 and 38 IV’s of EDTA Chelation. I haven’t had any blindness in my left eye (caused by TIA’s) in over two months. I feel terrific.

On May 13th 1997 I had my 3rd Carotid Doppler since May 1996 to check my progression. On May 20, my doctor received the results and called me immediately to his office. He said the Doppler results said I was totally blocked on the left carotid and needed to get to the hospital immediately for an angiogram, and if I was still lucky enough to save it, they would do a carotid endarterectomy, (operate).

At the hospital my blood pressure was 208/118. I’m usually 118/65. They gave me Valium (Yuk) to calm me down enough for the angiogram. I was awake and totally focused on the procedure. The doctors found my left carotid artery was totally blocked from the aorta to the branch. Surgery was no longer an option. They sent me back to my room and reviewed the film.

About three hours later the doctors came to my room and gave me their conclusions. They said my other arteries that were 80% blocked 6 months ago were clear and much larger than normal. I had grown collateral arteries (extra arteries) up my left side from the aorta to the branch. I also have collaterals at the “circle of Willis” (At the base of the brain the Vertebral and Carotids join together) I appear to be getting plenty of blood to my brain and am in excellent health. My left common carotid is totally blocked but appears to have been that way a long time. (Maybe since birth). My system adapted. My Cholesterol, which was usually 450 if I didn’t take any pills, was near normal (For the first time ever).

I think I have my arterioscleroses is licked, and my doctor agrees. Now if I can get my blood pressure back down (from all the excitement), I’ll be OK.

Along with Chelation and H2O2 I maintained a rigid diet and nutritional supplement program. The total cost to me (Chelation, H2O2, Nutrients) in a year was about $6000. My insurance paid for the test. It was well worth it.

Patrick Easton

I would like to post a personal testimony to what I consider a recent success with H2O2.

A little history:
I began taking H2O2, orally approx. 6 months ago. I began with one drop of 35% in 6oz of deionised water (twice daily – my schedule did not permit 3 times a day) and increased at a rate of one drop per day. The first day at 18 drops I was very nauseated approx. 30 minutes after taking the H2O2. The second day at 18 drops I “ralphed”, suddenly approx. 30 minutes after. Third day same as the second. I backed off to 10 drops twice daily and that’s what I’ve been taking for the last six months. I have had a noticeable reduction in my allergy attacks. Most notable is that when I take it before bed it seems to reduce my need for coffee in the morning, I wake up bright and alert. I have also not been “sick”, until recently.

Success story:
After our family get together at Christmas, my children and my wife caught the flu (some type of Martian death flu). BTW – the middle of the flu season is a stupid time to gather together approximately 40 people in one house. Anyway, I didn’t get the flu to the extent the others did. I did get a head cold with a sinus infection. I thought I would increase my H2O2 dosage to 12 drops three times a day to see if there was any further benefit. My head cold and sinus problems were gone in two days, it usually takes me weeks to get over a sinus infection.

The others are still sick – none of them take H2O2.

Britt C. Sheer

Hi! I’m a real person that was suffering greatly with systemic candidasis and rheumatoid arthritis back in 1985. My pain from the arthritis was so severe that I could NOT turn doorknobs, type on my Mac, write notes, SLEEP, perform my business functions, etc. I hadn’t slept without waking up a million times (it seemed like it!) for over three months. My Candida critters had made it impossible to remember where I was going in a car, where my keys were at any given moment, who the heck I was talking to on the phone or standing in front of me, and on and on.

One day, an old friend of the family named Bob L. called from California to check up on things. My parents told him what state I was in. He then relayed the story about how his (are you sitting down??) prostate cancer, lung disease, heart disease, diabetes, floaters and cataracts, Candida, and ALCOHOLISM. . . was GONE – all in about two MONTHS and just by using a few drops of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide in purified water two to three times a day.

In addition to drinking this mild mix of oxygen and water, he put a couple of quarts of the peroxide in each of his three hot tubs IN his home (he’s loaded) and in his 35,000 gallon pool, which was, by the way, totally covered with California black algae.

He and his old cronies (Bob was around 75 at that time), who also had a plethora of diseases and ailments similar to Bob’s, would sit around all day in the hot tubs playing cards, sipping drinks and generally enjoying their millions. Bob never told these friends of his that he had put anything in the water. But as the weeks went on, Bob noticed his arthritis was getting MUCH better. The others did too, along with a number of other things. One of the guys went to his doctor to have his cancer problem checked, and the problem had vanished. GONE. Long story short: within two months ALL of their problems were GONE. Bob then told them what he had done. They were ecstatic! And the pool algae problem was gone, too. It took only THREE DAYS to nuke the black algae with 12 gallons of 35% HP.

Anywhere, this is where my story begins. I did the same thing: took the drops adding one drop to the total dose each day. I also took some liquid minerals (Optimin Plus) in between the doses. The arthritis pain was gone in one week. I had free range of motion by the second week (my right arm had become completely locked in a 90 degree angle). The arm flexed without pain and my wrist and fingers were totally usable and strong. The candida took almost two months to leave. It was a tough one to kill. News spread quickly about this personal “c-u-r-e” (did I say the “C” word? Yep! It’s been over ELEVEN YEARS without a problem or reoccurrence!)

My neighbors across the street were in their mid seventies: he had emphysema and skin cancer all over his face, neck and back, she had colon and bladder cancer with tumors and polyps. They had just gotten back from their cancer doc who insisted that she go into the hospital the next DAY to have her colon AND bladder REMOVED! She would have to wear the “Bag” and was given a 50/50 chance of LIVING through the operation. Fat chance! They decided to blow off the doc and try the peroxide. Again, short story: SIX WEEKS to the day they started the treatment, she walked back into the docs office SMILING!

The doctor was convinced she would be dead in six weeks to two months. He nearly dropped his teeth! He asked her, “Maam, what the heck (he didn’t ust that word!) have you been doing?” She replied, “Well doc, I’ve been drinking hydrogen peroxide!” He yelled, “Why, that stuff will kill ya!” She responded quickly, “Oh yeah!? You mean OXYGEN AND WATER IS GONNA KILL ME? Well sonny, you need to go downtown to the Dallas library on the fifth floor and have the people get you into MEDLINE and look up hydrogen peroxide! You’ll find over 6000 articles on it, and I hope you choke on it!” With that, she wheeled around and headed for the door. Her parting shot was, “At least I won’t be needing YOUR SERVICES AGAIN, Doc! I got EDUCATED and I’ve got peroxide! And I can spot a QUACK a mile away!”

I also had the pleasure of telling a little old man in Springtown Texas about it. His name was Leroy, and he had a real gravely voice. Leroy was a chronic arthritis sufferer. He was very wealthy and had traveled all over the world for a cure. None found. He called me one day from a referral from Wally Grotz, a friend in Minnesota (also known as the Peroxide Pope). Leroy was in a permanent sitting position, and walked with two 18″ canes because his back was parallel to the floor. Cobra venom and gold shots didn’t help. And he was at the end of his rope. His hours had been fitted with a CRANE inside to lift him from his ez chair TO the tub, TO the toilet, TO the bed, and then TO a wheel chair. He was almost blind from cataracts, and his wife had just died. He had no one to help him and no one to operate the crane. He said the peroxide was his last hope. I informed him on how to get it. He thanked me and hung up. I didn’t hear from him for TWO MONTHS (that magic timeframe!) When he called back, I didn’t recognize his voice. He said, “Steve! I just called to thank you ever so much for telling me about peroxide! And another thing, I threw away my glasses! I can read the phone book without them! And another thing. I just finished MOWING MY LAWN! And now I’m gonna walk down to the next farm house and tell them about this magical stuff! They all got cancers and arthritis, too.” I heard from Leroy regularly for the next seven or eight years or so. He was gettin’ in his 90’s by then. I could go on and on.

I became affiliated with IBOM and Dr. Charles Farr. He’s a SAINT! Totally! So is Wally Grotz and Father Willhelm, Wally’s best friend and the dude that got Wally onto peroxide after they met on a ocean cruise Wally was taking after retiring from the post office in Delano, MN. It’s quite a story. I will spare you the space, but track down those two and see what I mean! Good luck with the “experiment”. Just use your head and let your body tell you what you need. Listen to it! I think ANY oxygen product is worth it’s weight in gold. I believe-this is MY OPINION, FOLKS- (from inside reports of docs who are using some form of it on special cases) that it will be one of the only things to remove those pesky viruses that are (and will in the future) plague the world and kill many who don’t know about it. The powers to be are doing a real good job of keeping us busy looking the other direction. Smoke screens, ya know? Keep focused on oxygen in every form, and balance it with anti-oxidants and trace minerals, and you’ll be just fine. I’ll shut up now.

Update a few months later

This is an addendum to my original testimony on hydrogen peroxide. I had so many people e-mail me about how many drops I took and where I got it, etc. So here is part of the answer. I will only say that if anyone puts out the name of a source for 35% peroxide, the FDA will stomp them like a bug. So I won’t help those folks in their quest to stomp out truth and health-giving products. Sorry. But I will tell you this: MOST of your chemical supply houses (McKesson, Dow, Malinkrockt(?) and lots of independent chemical houses carry 35% Food Grade and 30% REAGENT or MICROPROCESS grade peroxide.

You can usually buy it by the gallon with a case of 4 as a minimum an it usually runs about $15 a gallon for a case of 4 or total of $60. Drums of food grade usually run about $10 bucks a gallon or $550 total plus shipping or trucking. Go in with some friends and buy a drum and split it up! Or better yet, SELL IT QUIETLY (DON’T make any medical claims or put any literature about it that makes any medical claims in with it. You can have the people buying it order info from another source that is not connected with you. AND when you order the stuff from these chemical houses, make sure (if you are asked!) you tell them that it is just for your swimming pool and hot tub–to get rid of that darn, pesky California black algae! Or maybe you are a dairy farmer and you use it to flush out the milk pipes and swab the udders and milking apparatus. WHATEVER! Just NEVER tell them you are using it for anything else! PERIOD.

OK, with that out of the way, let me tell you what I was doing for myself with the peroxide. I originally started using the HP (that’s Hydrogen Peroxide from now on) by putting one ounce into a gallon of purified water and then drinking ONE ounce on the first day, TWO ounces on the second day, THREE ounces on the third day, and then puking my brains out! This was going to be a tough row to hoe, folks! I called my friend who told me about this and he suggested a new way to do it: start with ONE DROP on the first day, and then do TWO DROPS on the second day, 3 on the third, and so on. Then when the taste of the HP was just too much to tolerate, SPLIT THE DOSE IN TWO. That meant, for example, instead of trying to gag down ten drops in one dose, I would just take FIVE DROPS TWICE A DAY–once when I first got up in the morning, and then again EITHER an hour after lunch OR just before I turned in for the evening. I would work up on this twice-a-day schedule to where I was up to ten or twelve drops at each dose (usually the gag threshold for most people, and then SPLIT IT INTO THREE DOSES and take it three times a day: early morning, afternoon and bed time.

I worked up to the grand total of 25 drops THREE TIMES A DAY. By this time, I had hair EVERYWHERE! I even took on dares at “health parties” (where there was no drugs, smoking, etc. Just health food, sprouts and veggies, freshly-juiced juices and beautiful women. I took 100 drops in a large glass of grape juice (not wine)with 50+ people looking on in wonderment. They watched me closely to see if I was going to hurl! I didn’t. They watched me even closer for the next few hours to see if I went to the bathroom suddenly. I didn’t. I will admit my stomach was a little queasy and I had a mild headache, but I had already done the majority of detoxing with the previous 2 months of taking the HP. I had a surge of energy for the next several hours because of all the oxygen in my system. My mouth was going ninety miles an hour! You couldn’t shut me up! A lot of people noticed, too.

I will say a few things about this HP stuff. I always made sure that I took lots of ANTI-OXIDANTS like (for ME personally…) 1 gram of Vitamin C a day (split three ways) and combinations of other anti-oxidants (E, A, Selenium, Germanium, etc.) These were taken by me to counteract any POSSIBLE formation of FREE RADICALS (that have been associated with causing cancer). I also took DDS-1 Acidophilus because it also makes HP in the blood and it reinstates the friendly critters in the gut (which are killed by the HP). The DDS-1 has about 28 or so TYPES of micro organisms in its formula. It is available from UAS labs in St. Paul, MN (I think). I believe it has been licensed to other companies making Culture products and you can see “DDS-1” on the labels. It’s good stuff!

I saw many people with bad candidasis (like me!) get over the majority of the symptoms with the combination of HP and DDS-1 in a matter of a couple of months. I personally saw family members have the “veil” lifted within an hour after taking a dose of 10 to 12 capsules emptied into some pure water and then down the hatch. That “Candida fog” that makes you a zombie just lifted and floated away. IT was great!

What else can I say? Just listen to your body. Learn about muscle testing, known as Applied Kinesiology (AK) and you will be able to tune-in to what your body is really saying. You can get really good at it and use it on your loved ones when they are too sick or weak to be tested themselves. You have a healthy person act as a surrogate, and you test the surrogate while the surrogate touches the baby, weak or sick person. It works fantastic. It would be an invaluable “tool” in the coming times when disasters and the like are upon us. Let’s get real here. Don’t think for one minute that when an earthquake or wave hits a city that you will be able to just run to the local clinic or hospital. Learn as much as you can about how to take care of you and your family as you can. Don’t wait too long, either. Stockpile some HP, ozone equipment, ultraviolet lights, colloidal silver (better yet, learn how to make that stuff with a 9 volt battery!)

I’ve run out of steam, folks. I hope this helps! God Bless


In August of 1996, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. My PSA was in the 14 plus range. I read Ed McCabe’s book and was impressed by the idea that cancer cells and harmful bacteria were anaerobic. We have a circulating bath tub. I decided to try H2O2 baths using 32 ounces of 3% H2O2 in a 30 gallon tub. I stayed in for 30 minutes at a temperature of 40 degrees centigrade.

After two or three baths I noticed that my arthritis was going away. Up till then, I couldn’t pick up a fork at dinner time if I had not taken my indocin.

Within two weeks (bath every other day), my arthritis was GONE and my PSA was less than 6.0.. My psoriasis is gone too.

I have since learned that arthritis is an infectious disease, explaining the effect of the H2O2.

Bud Schwartz

My mother was in the hospital with an advanced case of lupus.

The disease was attacking her lungs and she was on the highest amount of oxygen that they could give her. The next step was to open up her trachea and shove a pipe in.

The doctors gave up on her and advised me that they are out of options. Needless to say that they were giving her high doses of steroids and a massive amount of other pills. She contracted diabetes, osteoporosis, and other problems.

I informed the doctors that I was going to give her my own herbal, aromatherapy and H2O2 treatment. I started using H202 three times a day. She started reacting to the dosage, within 48 hours. Within 3 days she was decreasing the amount of oxygen the hospital was supplying, in 5 days the oxygen was cut in half.

The herbal formulas along with the H2O2 was working so well that they ordered her off the steroids and she was down to 4 litres of oxygen and was able to start walking again. The doctors were so amazed that they asked me about my procedures.

Elliott Harvey


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